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Water Training / Swimming
Develop your child’s potential through water play. Using warm water with the help of a special float.

Benefits: Stimulating their physical, mental, and sensory pathways growth.

Age: 1 month – 24 months

Water: Tap and warm water

Duration: 1 session for 20 minutes

Price: AED 200

Baby Massage
Massage are not just for adults, it’s for babies too. The benefits are just too many to mention.

Benefits: Promotes relaxation, regular sleeping pattern, immune system, improves blood circulation and removes wind colic.

Duration: 10-15 minutes

Price: AED 300

Planning to shave your baby’s hair but don’t have the confidence? Let us help you with that.

Our Edge: Safe and clean hair clippers. Our friendly and patient staff are equipped with both personal and professional experience too.

Price: AED 60/70/80 (varies on hair length)